Jet A1 – Aviation Fuel

Looking to power your aircraft with maximum efficiency and performance? Look no further than JET A-1, the top choice for both civil and military jet aircraft, helicopter turbine engines, turboprops, and compression-ignition piston engines worldwide.

Experience unparalleled energy and power with JET A-1’s high calorific value, allowing you to load minimal fuel while still enjoying maximum flight autonomy. Say goodbye to worries about crystallization at high altitudes, as this fuel boasts exceptional cold resistance. Its thermal and storage stability ensures the longevity of both your engine and fuel, guaranteeing a smooth and worry-free flight.

JET A-1 is a kerosene-type fuel that stands out for its superior quality, meeting strict international standards such as the British standard DEF STAN 91-091, the American standard ASTM D1655, and NATO’s F-35 specification. With a boiling point of 150°C-250°C, a flashpoint over 38.0ºC (100ºF), and a maximum melting point of -47.0ºC, JET A-1 is engineered to excel under the most demanding aviation conditions.

Now, you might wonder, what sets kerosene apart from aviation gasoline? While aviation gasoline shares similarities with motor gasoline and is popular for propeller aircraft, JET A-1 takes the lead as the most widely used aviation fuel due to its superior characteristics. Being lighter than diesel yet heavier than gasoline, kerosene strikes the perfect balance, making it the ultimate choice for modern aircraft.

So, whether you’re flying a cutting-edge commercial jet or a high-performance military aircraft, trust JET A-1 to deliver unparalleled performance and reliability. Choose JET A-1 for your aircraft, and soar with confidence across the skies. Get in touch with us now to experience the future of aviation fuel!


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