Cabe Merah Kering (Dried Red Chili)

Introducing our premium export-quality Dried Red Chili from Indonesia, a true gem for discerning buyers worldwide.

Our Dried Red Chili undergoes a meticulous and hygienic processing method, adhering to international quality standards. Each chili is carefully selected, ensuring its purity without any additives. It goes through three stages of rigorous cleaning using state-of-the-art production machinery, specifically designed for export to Japan.

Known for its authentic flavor and refined aroma, our Dried Red Chili is highly sought after for various culinary applications. It is widely used in the food industry as a staple ingredient in spice blends, retail packaging, F&B products, restaurants, fast-food chains, cafes, bakeries, and households.

Versatile and convenient, our Dried Red Chili is ready to use without any preparation. It perfectly complements other spices, enhancing the taste and adding a delightful kick to any dish.

To preserve its natural essence, store our Dried Red Chili in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. With a shelf life of 2 years, you can enjoy its exceptional quality for an extended period.


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